Once again our department will be hosting a very special seminar speaker, Dr. Randy Sheckman, from Berkeley, Nobel Laureate of 2013 in Physiology or Medicine, for his work on protein trafficking and secretion in eukaryotic cells.


I am of course delighted that Phil accomplished all the negotiations needed to pull off this type of event.  It’s not easy, many hurdles must be dealt with.  But his power of negotiation is quite unique and hard to resist. For instance, the first time he hinted at the idea of us hosting a reception in our home in honor of Dr. Sheckman, my answer came  quickly: No way we are doing this. Forget it.  In your dreams. I don’t want to hear anything about it again. 

I inform you that said reception will take place at our home on Monday, and all faculty members interested in meeting Dr. Sheckman were invited to show up.

This weekend, yours truly will be found pacing frantically around the kitchen, preparing for the big event…  I have a few things planned, some a bit daring, some inside my comfort zone. I am actually super excited about it, and intend to have a great time getting ready for it!  Stay tuned for a full report sometime in the near future… (assuming my mental sanity is not compromised).