Our latest publication in the Journal of General Physiology, made the cover of the magazine, and also got us a press-release online… We are thrilled!  



For the press-release, click here.

“If we can understand exactly how this acquisition process works, we can design, isolate or identify small molecules that inhibit the iron uptake process. Those are potentially antimicrobial agents that could protect people and animals against bacterial disease.”

 (Phillip Klebba, Professor and Head of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Kansas State University)

33 thoughts on “OUR WORK IN THE NEWS!

  1. Published and a cover! Congratulations to you, Phil and your team. My husband and I have always been interested in your work. I’m an RN and he is a hospital pharmacist. Your discoveries are so hugely important in the battle against infection , bacterial resistance etc. Thank you for doing these important research.


  2. Oh my gosh that’s exciting!! Congratulations!! Love the cover illustration. Going to get the article now 🙂 what a great afternoon treat!


    • Thank you!!!!! The cover is pretty cool, I think…. our dear receptor, FepA…. When I started working with it, no crystal structure was available, we worked “in the dark” for years. It is amazing to realize how much more we know now, but still…. the basic mechanism of its function eludes us. We get closer and closer…. but… not quite there yet


  3. OMG I read the press release, Sally and this is outstanding research. No wonder you’re proud that it’s been recognized. Well done!


    • Thank you! We are pretty happy, and found out that many venues picked up that press release and did articles on it, including Science Daily, and our town newspaper too… It is good for our lab, for our department, and for giving us more energy to move on…. (despite the pathetic results I’ve had in the past weeks… sigh, sigh, sigh)


    • I am a very lucky person. Not everyone can work on something that he/she loves. In fact, I think a very small proportion of human beings is as lucky. Research is in many ways one of the most frustrating jobs, but when things finally “make sense”, it is a huge thrill, that keeps us going… and going… and going….


  4. Sincere congratulations to your husband and yourself for a milestone acknowledged. An interesting starting point to learn a little more myself . . . the warmest of good wishes . . .


    • Thanks, Carole…. I intend to write at some point a summary of what it all means. the article is a bit complex, but of course ANYTHING can be explained in a simple way. Except, quantum mechanics,. I haven’t found anyone able to translate that into English. 😉


    • Thank you! Now all I have to do is master the crane. Hey, did you know I am making a little progress on that? Your link is very helpful – I have been trying and now I can lift one leg off the floor, and the other one for 3 seconds, before the whole thing (aka my body) collapses shamelessly. But, I can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel…..


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