photo 4(4)

A beautiful, blue, star-shaped fire!ย  Consider this just a teaser, a full post on our new kitchen will be published next month… for the time being, just a few shots of our new range, a Blue Star with a very sexy coral front panel… We named it SUPERNOVA

and you can find it here….

photo 1(7)

Can you picture me doing a happy dance?


Coming soon to a food blog near you… full disclosure of the New Bewitching Kitchen!


    • Thanks, Denise! Guess what? I bought everything to make the pumpkin brigadeiros from your blog, but ran out of energy… it’s been a hectic Saturday, and tomorrow is not looking much better! Fun time, but a lot of work to get things going in the new kitchen…


  1. Oh Sally! I’m so glad you got the Bluestar range! We are building a home in the Rockies, and we opted for the Bluestar too. Have you removed a grate to use a wok right down on the flame yet? That is one of the main reasons I chose the brand, as well as the super-high BTU burners. I almost went for a French top as well, but reading some blogs about it made me think twice. Do post about how you like the range in all kinds of cooking scenarios. Please! I love the red front. I haven’t decided on that yet; might just stay “safe” with the stainless steel, although it’s pretty tempting to be more creative with all those color options. Trouble is, we haven’t really set the color scheme for the overall design yet.


    • Paula, I haven’t tried the wok yet – in fact, we worked hard the whole day today but still most of our stuff is still in the garage in boxes – the wok is in there somewhere, but I read about removing the grate to use it on top of the fire… will do so as soon as I can

      now, as to color – we took a risk by picking a color when we had NO IDEA of anything else in the renovation – and, we completely forgot the color we picked, we knew it was reddish, but that was it… now, we could not be happier with our choice – it added just the right amount of “wow” to the kitchen! It’s the only color ‘out there”, but it brought a lot of attention to the stove

      You know, I’ve made ravioli from scratch in a kitchen as small as my bedroom’s closet here – and I was very happy then, so I know it’s not about how fancy a kitchen you have, but your approach to cooking and how much love you put into it… still, I am THRILLED to be able to cook in this kitchen, in which Phil and I picked every little detail…


    • Full reveal coming soon…. I need to finish writing the post this weekend, if all goes well… life has been just a little too busy lately… in a good way, in a good way…


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