Don’t get all excited, folks, this post is not about the renovated kitchen, we are not quite there yet.  But I have a few things to share with you, joining the fun virtual event hosted by Celia, from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

In our kitchen…

composite1Health Warrior Chia Bars!  I first learned about them through Joanne, from Eats Well with Others.  She is a long distance runner, super-fit Md/PhD student who recently reviewed these high-protein, low sugar bars.  They come in plenty of flavors, her favorite was coconut which is the one I tried first.  I had to order  online because our grocery stores in town don’t carry them, but I hope at some point they will.  They are delicious! I have one as my breakfast every day.

In our kitchen…

composite4Hatch Pepper Cheese!  You probably know that Hatch chiles are pretty hot right now (pun intended). Lots of bloggers rave about their wonderful taste.  These peppers are  not that easy to find in some parts of the US, but here in Kansas we are lucky to have them often at the grocery store.  This cheese won my heart!  A mild, soft cheese, with a nice heat of these special peppers in every bite.  Awesome!

in our kitchen…  Gifts from special friends…

temperoFrom our dear friend Gabi, a special spice mix from Brazil, called “Tempero Baiano”, that she uses to season pork cutlets, chicken, beef.  The name refers to the state of origin, Bahia, famous for its cooking with a heavy African influence.   I haven’t used it yet, it’s been waiting for our kitchen to be functional.

pepperFrom my former husband,  a jar of peppers that, according to him, are THE authentic pepper to use in dishes like Hungarian paprikash, which is a recipe his Mom cooks like no one else.  Fond memories of the many outstanding meals I’ve had at his parents’ home decades ago.

composite3From my friend Cindy,  a cool gadget to hold recipe printouts… sexy red, the way I like it!  The little ball is a strong magnet, so the page stays up over your counter top, easy to read.

In our kitchen…

Gifts I bought for myself….  in anticipation of our new kitchen, I could not resist getting a few things that popped up on sales here and there.

bowlsThis set of bowls were too cute to pass… I love their size, perfect for serving nuts, olives, dips, for dinner parties.  They are happy. They make me smile…

knivesA set of stainless steel coated knives in all sorts of shapes and colors, a great deal from One Kings Lane.   I find their stuff for the most part terribly expensive, but these knives were quite affordable, so I brought them to our kitchen. They are still in the box, to avoid getting all dusty like everything else in our home.  😉

And speaking of dust,  let me share a few photos of our renovation, in pictures taken in the past couple of weeks.

In our kitchen, chaos before bliss…

Our cabinets are going through a total make-over!  A carpenter built new doors in a more modern style. This double picture shows one such new door, as we study a color composition for the frame, and the crown molding installed a day later.


The central counter top will be bigger, and the black granite will be gone, replaced by a lighter alternative. A stone from Brazil will take the center spot of our new kitchen…  How cool is that?   This change allowed us to build one extra cabinet for (much-needed) storage.


Take a look at the cute storage space for baking sheets and cutting boards, love it!


This wall has the gas line installed, and all the electrical wiring in place, waiting for the new fridge, range (be still my heart, it is going to be awesome!), and the venting hood.  I stare at this empty wall and dream…


And now, time for a message from our four-legged friends!

Renovations can be very stressful, but some folks don’t seem to mind it that much.  Oscar, for instance, finds that a rug rolled all the way underneath the table is a lot more convenient to rest his long legs while waiting for a treat or two.


And Chief, looking mighty good for his age, thinks the new floor halfway installed in the kitchen matches his fur very well, and gives a nice bounce to his favorite toy. Two old paws up for the renovation!


Buck is quite fond of his new spot in the dining room.  “Daddy is so nice!  He is always ready to give me some goodies….”

“With Mom it’s a different story, I need to endure a lot of hugging to get the treats I deserve…”composite6

Oscar has a different opinion on the subject:

“Hugging?  I should be so lucky!
I have to sing my lungs out to get ANYTHING!  Don’t believe me?
Click here…

I hope you had fun with the little tour of our kitchen.  We are still on the road, so  I might have a bit of trouble answering to comments and visiting blogs. But, these too shall pass…  😉

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