americanTonight we leave for Brazil!   Phil and I will be presenting talks at the University of Sao Paulo, my beloved “USP”  where I went to college, did my PhD, and held my first job in academia…   I better do a good job with my presentation, which in typical Sally fashion, I am still tweaking…   😉

Internet connections could be iffy, so I might be unable to answer comments and visit blogs.  See you guys on March 23rd!

16 thoughts on “LEAVING ON A JET PLANE…

  1. Sally, I am so happy for you!!!!! Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the warmth, your family, old friends and the experience. You’ll do fabulously on your presentation, because in true Sally fashion, I’m sure you’ll rock it! 🙂 Have so much fun!


  2. Boa Viagem, Salete! Have a wonderful trip, my dear friend! I know you will
    “wow” them at USP, and you will be fielding all sorts of requests to come back there permanently! You always give nothing less than the very best! Please send hugs from me to Fabio, and take a bunch for yourself and Phil.


  3. Bon voyage, Sally! Enjoy your trip home… It should be a fantastic one in every way. Will you have time to visit the young SP baker I mentioned to you a few months ago? If yes, let me know and I’ll send you her info.


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