A little bit of a tangent, this won’t be about food…   I am writing this post mainly to have something I can link to when needed.

My personal policy on exchanging links:  I don’t do it.  The blogs on my blogroll are sites I found  (or in some cases was invited to visit through a nice email) and love to read.  I also do not accept offers for guest posts, sorry!

I don’t accept products to review.  I will evaluate products (and also cookbook and exercise videos ;-)), but on my own.  If I recommend something, you can be 100% sure it’s because I love it.

Finally, I appreciate getting blog awards, but I don’t forward them.  This is a delicate subject, I admit. But I rather celebrate the blogs I love by cooking from them.  If you follow my blog, you may have noticed I do that regularly.

Having said so many “I don’t“, let me finish on a positive note:  I wish you all  a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy it to the fullest, following the example of very wise creatures, who definitely know how to live in the moment...    😉