“Don’t worry, Buck, she’ll get over it.  Remember when I tried to run in the house with that big dead rat in my mouth?  … The  hysterical screaming,     …the door banging in my face?  We had to stay outside forever, until Dad came home and calmed her down.  Unfortunately, he got my rat away from me, but at least Mom stopped acting silly.”

derolicts2 “Anyway, I told you that dropping the dead possum next to the grill when she was cooking the steak was not a good move. You should have listened to me, but now it’s too late.  OK, she could have cooked it, but apparently she doesn’t like possum.   “Now, we’ll be here for a while, I’m afraid.”

“I guess it doesn’t  matter that the damn possum was playin’ possum and then walked away …”

Never a dull moment, folks.  Never a dull moment.  And I wonder why my hair gets a little more gray each day. 😉


    • Well, well, well…. Buck and Oscar will sit, shake and lay down on command, but Chief is the only one who can also roll-over and do high five (he used to, now he is too old and his back legs are too weak for that)

      They do make us laugh, though… we are keeping them!


  1. Love it, love it, love it! I still remember when our dog brought us a mummified heron she”d found in the marshes and our cat a decapitated field mouse that looked like a plush toy full of red stuffing .. Got to love the little critters!


    • Each one is a unique being, indeed…. Oscar is weary of crossing a place if there is a shadow. For instance light coming through a door will make a shadow on the floor, he stops right away, and gets very timid, sometimes need to be coached through the door, gently. Buck is still extremely shy and nervous around people (except Phil and I), and will snape at a stranger if he or she tries to pet him, we need to be always paying attention and warn everyone.


  2. What a wonderful (hilarious) story! The photos are very funny and cute. My first collie, when I was a child, used to bring home the heads of the woodchucks he caught and killed out in the pasture in front of our country home, as a present for my mother! She used to scream “Get it out of here!” to anyone who’d be within hearing range! Stay calm, dear friend; Phil will always be there to save the day, even though you may have to wait a little while until he gets home!


    • Well, Chief cannot be around Buck, as you may remember, so they are never outside together. Plus, Chief is so weak now, and almost completely deaf, all he wants to do is be left inside and snooze the whole day. He will go out with Oscar a little bit, but in five minutes sits by the door and begs to come inside.


  3. Oh, Sally! I had a Cairn Terrier that would bring me possum, voles, mice, and even birds. He needed help getting onto an old sofa but he could catch a bird in mid-flight! Luckily — well, for me anyway — he never brought anything living into the house but he did bring me plenty of live “gifts” when I was in the yard. Kids!


    • Kids will be kids, right? For some reason, though, they seem to ONLY do this kind of stuff when Phil is not around. Either he went to play golf, or went to run an errand, so I’m left with the ordeal, the stress, the hyperventilation…. life is tough for Sally, you know… 🙂


  4. I love this story. My previous dog brought a dead rat into the house – I discovered that she preferred blue cheese to dead rat so I was able to get it away from her. Then of course I had to remove it ……..closed eyes and lots of newspaper!


    • I am not sure blue cheese would do it. Actually, Oscar is not that bad to get stuff from, but Buck could bite if we are not careful. Good thing the possum walked away – actually, it creeps me out, but at least Phil did not have to grab the darn thing


  5. Oh Sally, you know how much I love your two derelicts!!

    What an adorable story and the photos are hilarious – it really feels like their voice! I think our Golden may be too clumsy to capture any real animals… our cat however, brings us plenty of treasures ;-). Loved this post – thank you for the morning smile after a couple crazy days!!


  6. Zeb once caught a farmyard chicken who squawked, he let go and the chicken dived into the centre of a compost heap. We chase rats but never catch them, run away from frogs and bark at shadows. I love the idea of the not dead possum Sally, never a dull moment with your naughty boys 🙂


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