“Don’t worry, Buck, she’ll get over it.  Remember when I tried to run in the house with that big dead rat in my mouth?  … The  hysterical screaming,     …the door banging in my face?  We had to stay outside forever, until Dad came home and calmed her down.  Unfortunately, he got my rat away from me, but at least Mom stopped acting silly.”

derolicts2 “Anyway, I told you that dropping the dead possum next to the grill when she was cooking the steak was not a good move. You should have listened to me, but now it’s too late.  OK, she could have cooked it, but apparently she doesn’t like possum.   “Now, we’ll be here for a while, I’m afraid.”

“I guess it doesn’t  matter that the damn possum was playin’ possum and then walked away …”

Never a dull moment, folks.  Never a dull moment.  And I wonder why my hair gets a little more gray each day. 😉