Growing up, I knew nothing about Thanksgiving.   I had no idea one day I would be living here and calling the US my new home.  Of all American holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite.  It is a time to just be together with family and friends, being grateful for the good things we have.  On that note, I wish Black Fridays did not exist. Or that they could be placed somewhere far apart in time from this special holiday.   Still, what matters the most is that we all have things to be grateful for, and I hope your day will focus on that.

For our first Thanksgiving in the Little Apple, we will have a joint party, two labs together, celebrating with all the graduate students who stayed here working hard during the break from classes.  It will be a fun evening, I am sure!  Phil will be in charge of the turkey, and I’ll be his sous chef.   All I have to do is mashed potatoes… I got the easy job this  year.

And here is a shot taken a couple of days ago in our street.  One would imagine that with Thanksgiving right at the corner, those guys would be a little more careful!  😉


17 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sally. I’m told we have wild turkeys, too, but they’ve been avoiding me. We’re having a family dinner with an organic chicken instead of turkey but it will be boned, stuffed and reformed into proper shape. We pay no attention to so-called Black Friday, but enjoy friends and family. Enjoy your party and I know the turkey and mashed potatoes will be special, indeed. 🙂


  2. I love our wild turkeys, yes even up here in our freezing cold Canada. They are really gorgeous majestic creatures. They will fly quite easily, into our crabapple tree, or the neighbour’s dog chases them, quite the sight. But our flock is down to 4 or 8, from a healthy 20, ten years ago.


    • We have several “families” here – they don’t mix, it is a very interesting behavior. One family is up very early and makes a ton of noise in the woods behind our home. By the time I drive to the lab they are usually already doing the first walk around the neighborhood, that’s when I caught that scene, with my cell phone. Sometimes we see a crowd with more than 20 turkeys together… love it!


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