25 thoughts on “MOM TURNS 89 TODAY!

    • WHat a coincidence! Hope you had a great party! I must say I started my day laughing to the point of tears, as my niece sent me “selected” photos of certain members of my family (one sister comes to mind), and let’s say the photographer was not very kind…. Anyway, they certainly had a blast at lunch yesterday…. the photos don’t lie 😉


    • a little story behind the Filoca: that is not my Mom’s name, but a nickname my Dad gave her probably while they were still dating. No idea where the nickname came from, it has no particular meaning. He was the only one who addressed her as such, but after he passed away, we all started calling her Filoca, and Phil, who prefers to address her in a more formal way, uses “Dona Filoca”.
      Pretty cute…


    • She is definitely aging well – beautiful skin, probably because she never abused the sun as “a certain daughter of hers” – and a very healthy looking gray hair, which I was lucky to inherit, genetically speaking 😉


  1. Happy Happy Birthday dear lady!
    So sorry you can’t be there Sally but she knows your heart is with her today ~ may she have many more that you can celebrate together.


    • On my next trip to Brazil I will try to find a particular photo of her and my Dad on their wedding day. She looks like a Hollywood superstar, so beautiful and happy. I want to scan it and make a nice copy to keep with me


    • She is overall very healthy, with some small problems that are normal for her age. Eats well, watches her soap operas on TV, the news, and has a mind sharp as a tack. I got my control-freak (and neat-freak) genes from her, and apparently they continue working for decades and decades… poor Phil, right? 😉


  2. Oh… I’m sorry I’m arriving late to the party… a very Happy Birthday wish to your lovely Mom! 89 years young… how splendid is that! :).


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