• I had to smile with your comment – just minutes after that photo was taken, two dogs from a home nearby came to harass our pups…. calming was the last word in our minds then! 😉


  1. We took our dog to an off-leash park in Vernon today.. it was so cool to see his excitement and curiosity. I think dogs love a change as much as we humans. I hope you and your pups are settling in.. and what a great photo. I think I’d frame and hang that one up:)


    • We could not take them off-leash, unfortunately – Buck and Chief would go at each other’s throat, and Buck could run away. He doesn’t come back when we call. It is the only real negative aspect of his personality, and it comes from the serious abuse he got for the first 4 years of his life. Phil has tried to work on this issue for months, but it is still a problem


  2. Now it’s your turn to bring me some peace. I just love this picture. What a beautiful, beautiful setting. I would be out there every night too. 🙂 Enjoy!!!


    • Thank you so much, Jennifer! In our walk last night we saw the full moon rising in all its beauty. It was magical, and right there, in our own street! I took a photo, but I’m afraid it was a tad too dark… still, the image is where it matters most: our minds!


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