This post is dedicated to Pat, who has been a second Mom to our dogs for 15 years! She was a tremendous help for us during the past month.

Yesterday, we finally brought the pups with us to their new home!

Four hours and thirty five minutes later…. that’s how excited we all were!

GOOD NIGHT, FOLKS… We are pooped!


  1. Oh, Sally what a cute post! Loved to watch the video, too! So, Oscar needs to be tranquilized for the trip? I had a dog like that, but we did not travel very often. Maybe Oscar will get used to traveling and won’t need to be sedated in the future. He does look a little spaced out in the picture, poor thing


  2. So glad to hear the whole family has now made it to Manhattan. The puppies don’t look too traumatized by the move… Home is where the doggie treats are, right?


    • Indeed, home is where the treats are! They definitely agree with you… it’s amazing how quickly they adapt, Buck was the easiest one, he already acts as if the backyard is his domain, and has that walk that only Jack Russels do, we call him “le petit gendarme” 😉


  3. What an utterly adorable post Sally! I was wondering about your pups during this whole adventure – so nice that you’ve had the support of Pat to help out. Loved viewing how excited the doggies were to arrive home and explore their new surroundings (it sure looks like you have a lovely property!). You must be thrilled to be reunited. I never feel quite ‘right’ without my pets… they’re so beautiful Sally…


    • A new home is not too different from a new love – there’s a lot to discover, a lot to get used to, things we didn’t expect to find, things we are glad we found. An emotional roller coaster of sorts, but…. it is all worth it!


  4. What is the saying? Something like, “we give dogs what time we can spare, what space we can spare, what love we can spare. In return, dogs give us everything they’ve got. It’s the best deal Man ever made.”

    Good to see you can spare a lot. They are real cuties 🙂


    • The dogs are very happy, they missed seeing a couple of fat wild turkeys in the backyard by a few minutes, I had just put them inside. Oh, well – there will come a time!


  5. Now it is home! 🙂 Look at those adorable little faces (Phil’s too!). I’m sure you’re already feeling more settled now that your babies are with you. Thinking of you!


    • It is nice to have the whole “crowd” here – we do miss them a lot, so from now on they will be facing the trip with us back and forth, until we are permanently here.


    • We are slowly getting used to it, Lisa…. cooking has been a bit tricky, no bread baking so far. I need to get settled “mentally” too. It will come, but I’m not there yet…


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    • Thanks for the invitation, I would love to be able to participate, but I must say I’m at the limit of what i can handle with SRC. There are lots of nice events out there, like the sourdough baking from Gingered Whisk that also tempts me, but I cannot commit to anything else, or instead of fun blogging would become a source of stress… 😉


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