Remember that New Year Resolution I broke a while ago?  No more cookbooks in 2012?  Well, I should try and keep that going for many, many years…

Two boxes hold exclusively bread books.  Everything else required “only” 8 boxes.

A little update on the moving situation: The company we are working with has been a huge disappointment.  They gave us a window of three days for the move to happen, with the assurance of a confirmation of the exact day and approximate time 48 hours in advance.  That never happened, and when the final day (yesterday) came and went, they told us the sub-contractors “forgot” to schedule us.   We shouldn’t worry, though, they arranged for another sub-contractor to do the job right away.

So, we basically packed the whole house ourselves, and now sit here, hoping the alternative company will indeed park their truck here at 11am and get this adventure going.

Moving brings deep philosophical thoughts to mind.  Yesterday I sat outside for a while, staring at the sky, and wondering how a civilization that landed the man on the moon, that built spacecrafts like the Voyager-1, still boldly going where no one has gone before, failed so miserably at the design of the packing tape dispenser.

UPDATE OF SOAP OPERA:  We won’t be moving today.  Maybe tomorrow, but not even that is sure yet.  Sometimes, the only path to take is the one of least resistance.