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November 11, 2011!  A magical day to be hosting a favorite blog-event of mine: Susan’s Yeastspotting!  I’ve been following her blog for a very long time, long before I even dreamed of becoming a food blogger myself.  Each Friday I looked forward to the amazing breads featured on the site.

Of course, I am thrilled to be hosting this party today!  So, without further ado, time to get some inspiration for your future baking adventures!



Cinnamon-Rasisin Sourdough Bagels
(Wild Yeast)

Semolina-Potato Sourdough Parmesan Bread
(Mookie Loves Bread)

      Light Sourdough Rye With Spinach & Feta Cheese

Daily Bread – My Simple Bread Recipe
(Foy Update)

St. Joaquin Sourdough, or is it tweaked too much?
(My Discovery of Bread)

Beetroot Bread
(Lisa’s Kochfieber)

Bread Machine Whole Wheat Bread

Sourdough Whole Wheat Baguette And Epi
(Bochenkowo/Bread at Home)

70% Rye Bread
(David Snyder’s Blog)

Tangzhong Milk Bread
(Intellectually Skinny)

Semolina Bread

Tassajara Oat Bread With Molasses
(Kitchen Geisha)

Anadama Bread
(Kitchen Geisha)

Hamelman’s Whole Wheat Multigrain

English Muffin
(Dessert Before Dinner)

Pierre Nury’s Light Rye
(Weekend Loafer)

Sweet Pumpkin-Cinnamon Challah
Something Sweet – Winnie’s blog

Bolilllos (Mexican Rolls)
Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

Sourdough Boule
(The Crepes of Wrath)

5-Grain Sourdough
(Living in the Kitchen with Puppies)

Tree Branches
Tartine Bread Experiment

Honey-Oat Pain de Mie
(Bewitching Kitchen)



(A Messy Kitchen)

Fougasse: Provencal Bread with Herbs
(Bread Experience)

Sourdough Pizza Crust
(My Italian Smorgasboard)

Soft Focaccia

Focaccia: Half Whole-Wheat, Half White Flour
(An Eskimo Bakes)



Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
(Intellectually Skinny)

Maple Syrup and Oatmeal Bread
(Fab Food Blog)

Red Bean Swirl Bread
(Treat and Trick)

Pan de Muerto

Sourdough Dessert Pizza with Berries
(My Italian Smorgasboard)



Warm Sandwiches with Mushrooms and Cheese
(Just You and I: Happiness, Love, Food)


I hope you enjoyed this week’s collection of breads.  I certainly had a blast putting them together, getting an advanced peek at each bread as the emails arrived.  If you are interested in submitting your bread to Yeastspotting, the instructions can be found here, as well as the full archive of previous posts.

Next week’s event will be hosted at Frankie’s site  so stop by to see what everyone has been baking.

Susan, thanks for the opportunity to host your event in the Bewitching Kitchen!

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33 thoughts on “YEASTSPOTTING 11.11.11

  1. thank you again for hosting this Sally, you’ve done a great job! and I got to discover your lovely blog too.


  2. A magical post to wake up to indeed! You know how I feel about bread. 🙂 I finally had a loaf turn out properly yesterday. So many of these breads look good. I don’t even know where to start! The bolillos perhaps…those look SO tasty!


  3. It’s wonderful and encouraging that there’s so much bread baking talent in the world. What a gorgeous collection of breads, Sally, and what great choices you made. It can’t have been easy to choose.


  4. Thanks, everybody for your comments, and Susan, so nice to “see’ you here logging from far away!

    It was a great group of breads this week, and gave me a chance to interact more closely with several new bloggers – the icing on the cake, even though it’s a bread post! 😉


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  6. I wish I’d known you were hosting this. I’d have joined in. I’ve updated my Feedly reader and got rid of lots of blogs so now it doesn’t look so daunting when I check it. I’ve got it at a manageable level now…I hope!


    • Barbara, I am also reducing the number of subscriptions to a more manageable level – it can be intimidating, and I ended up missing a ton of stuff I like to keep up with, and marking all my stuff as read in a hurry instead.

      Too bad you didn’t have a chance to submit while I was hosting, I would have LOVED to get a bread from you!


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