My week started with a nice touch, one of my posts – a delicious chocolate cake – is featured in Debra’s blog “Diva Entertains.”    You can check out the specific post by clicking here.

Debra loves to entertain, as the name of her blog implies, and she not only blogs but has a company that sells all sorts of products to help you with that perfect party.  Her cupcake wrappers are just too cute, but she has a ton of stuff to offer!

Hope everyone’s week is starting on a great note.  Our weekend had an earthquake on the menu, and after living in California for 4 years in my past, and almost 18 years in Oklahoma, I can say I’ll take a tornado any day.  Earthquakes are way too  unpredictable.

19 thoughts on “DIVA ENTERTAINS

  1. Congrats on your cake! That is one awesome recipe! I bake for a gluten free lady and will definitely surprise her with this one!! How scary those earthquakes are…I’ll take our hurricanes over those as we can prepare ahead of time too!


    • I rather have a tornado, the path of destruction is much more limited in extension, and we can be ready for it, for the most part. Plus, in this area constructions are not made to stand the shaking of an earthquake…. I hope we don’t have a stronger one…


  2. How scary about the earthquake. The biggest in Oklahoma history, yes? I hope you and yours are all safe and sound. Congratulations on your cake feature – that’s very exciting and rewarding. Funny, I’ve just started noticing cupcake wrappers lately in the blogosphere… They’re so fun!


    • Strongest ever! and another one last night, as I mentioned in a comment up above. But much lighter, in fact we were not quite sure what it was, the noise was a bit like thunder. Then the TV interrupted the transmission with all the warnings…


    • Indeed! She had told me the date over a month ago, but of course I forgot all about it, then got her email feed and, still sleepy saw the photo of the cake and told myself… “this looks a lot like a cake I baked a while ago” 😉


    • Celia, when earthquakes hit Oklahoma, three days in a row, you know that ANYTHING might happen, right? the universe is simply not working correctly, therefore, my cake got highlighted. 😉


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