15 thoughts on “WHAT’S COOKING, MOM?

  1. Oh, my goodness, Mr. Buck. Look at that first photo – he looks so sweet and puppy-like. Don’t you love when they cock their heads in an effort to understand our gibberish? What an adorable doggie.


  2. Yes, yes, yes…. he’s got a few treats… how could I say no to him?
    The photo of him peeking around the kitchen island had unexpected consequences – the moment I took the photo he ran away in complete panic, all the way to the bedroom, to hide inside his cage. Would not come out, and was VERY suspicious of the camera from then on. I thought I was never going to be able to take the other photo, but somehow he stayed there, a bit paralyzed

    Dangerspouse – I don’t cook with items that have too high sugar content, and Buck’s sweetness level is off the charts. 😉


    • Sweet indeed… did you know last week Buck learned how to shake?

      Phil is great with dog training, very patient… We must make a little video of our dogs, they all shake, but in their own little ways. Chief is firm, shakes like a pro… Oscar gives a timid, “limp fish” kind of shake, Buck is tentative still, but a bit more assertive than Oscar. He soon will be shaking with gusto, mark my words! 😉


    • We are guilty of the same crime… actually, we’ve been getting better lately and managed to bring Chief (the old Jack Russel) to a healthy weight. Oscar and Buck are so active, they seem to spend every single calorie we provide them with 😉


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