For the past 14 years I’ve bought a page-a-day dog calendar. I keep it over my desk, and rip the pages as the days go by without ever peeking at what comes next. Arriving at the lab this morning, I was thrilled to finally see the photo we submitted back in 2010.   It is bitter-sweet, we wish Pits was still around, but it’s been almost exactly one year we had to say goodbye to our friend.

PK and SN explain that these goofballs bundle up together as soon as the weather gets a bit chilly. On the ground level is PITS, a Dalamatian, and on the second story is CHIEF, a Jack Russell.

34 thoughts on “PAGE-A-DAY CALENDAR

    • Don’t know if I ever cried as much as that day Pits was put to sleep. A very difficult decision to make and to go through…. but every pet owner at some point must deal with it, I guess.


  1. Ahhhh…what a lovely and sweet photograph of your two lovely fellas. I know what you mean and how you feel, looking at this photo of Pits, and him no longer being with you. It’s the same for all of us who have beloved furry friends (in my case, cats). But y’know what? Even though my sweet Mollie girl, as well as Rocky, Finn, Shibbles and Pooka aren’t ‘here’ in the physical, tangible, hold-able sense, all of them – including your boy Pits, is and always will be with you, alive and well, in your heart, in your memories, and in your love for him. Photos like these and your own memories bring all those we love (people as well as pets) pull us closer to them, and them to us.

    Thank you so much for sharing this really lovely photo of Pits and Chief. It has made my day that much brighter, as it is such a loving and happy and adorable photo.


  2. Thanks so much for posting this! Made my morning, made my day, what a fun photo, even if sad

    I know what you mean, when a pet dies a huge part of us seem to die together, but it is clear he had a very happy life thanks to you and Phil, and… Chief


  3. Sally, that photo is priceless! You can’t look at it and not smile. It depicts one of the biggest reasons I’m a “dog person”: dogs are completely unself-conscious and oblivious to what we find funny.

    Thanks again.


  4. What a wonderful page to find today. It’s so hard to lose a friend/pet/family member (because they are all of those things)…I have a picture of my childhood dog posted up to this day! 🙂


    • I used to have a photo of one of my favorite dogs, Tobby – but it got lost in one of my moves. He looked a lot like Oscar, but smaller. And not nearly as sweet… but I loved him to death.


    • I absolutely must post another photo sometime – same thing, but they were sleeping, and when I finally grabbed the camera and snapped the shot, Chief was just opening his eyes, so he looked half drank or something… in a complete daze… 🙂

      I have to find it in my computer… it’s in there somewhere


    • Oscar and Buck were playing this morning in our bedroom, we had the greatest time just watching them… it’s too bad Chief won’t accept being a part of the pack – yet. But we do not give up.


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