Every morning when we are preparing to leave the house, the dogs get quite excited. They go out through the front door, and circle around us, being all cute and lovey-dovey, with the expectation (I suppose) that all that display of affection would make us change our minds and go back inside. However, on one recent morning we found both dogs with a completely different demeanor: they sat down, frozen as statues, in the spot farthest away from us, and simply watched as we left.

To understand such odd canine behavior we need to review events that took place a little earlier. While taking my shower, Oscar stole the left foot of one of my favorite pairs of shoes – grey Skechers’ bikers – took it to his bed and chewed it up. Once defrosted from my paralyzed state of disbelief, I went into a full ballistic-mode. Chief, although innocent of all wrong-doing, decided it was best to stay by his brother, just in case some of the uncontrollable rage would spill over.

That, my friends, is how you get a morning shot of two dogs, sitting side by side, without moving a single muscle. I bet they were barely breathing.

ONE YEAR AGO: Cottage Loaf and Yeasty Dogs

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15 thoughts on “THE ODD COUPLE

  1. O my god, that is just so cute!! That photo just makes me laugh everytime I look at it. You can almost see them thinking; hmm, let those weird people leave now… Getting all balistic on us over a SHOE… lol… Great story!


  2. At least they finally understand they’re in trouble! My two ate my down jacket – but then the next day they ate the garbage and a loaf of bread – clearly I’m not intimidating enough!


  3. That is one of the cutest dog pictures I’ve seen! You can almost read their little minds. I’m sorry about your shoe. If it’s any consolation the story put a smile on my face this morning (although I realize that doesn’t bring your shoe back). šŸ˜‰ Adorable little guys though!


  4. I’m on the dogs’ side here. Poor dog, there he was giving your shoe all the love and attention a dog can bestow, and then he got told off.. is it any wonder he looks so bewildered?

    OK that wasn’t very convincing,I’ll try another pass at this: bad dog, naughty dog, shame on you for stealing Sally’s FAVOURITE shoes. Zeb once stole a belt out of a pair of shorts lying on a chair, ate the whole thing bar the buckle and ended up in dog hospital for two nights. I never leave leather anything where he can get it now.


  5. Oh, that is absolutely priceless!

    My dog once ate my socks during dinner, by nibbling them so softly I did not realize until it was too late. We were having a relaxing dinner at home, and I took my shoes off. Me and my husband laughed to the point of tears, what else could we do? pets… gotta love them!


    • Margareth, just had to add that the exact same thing happened to Phil when we were at dinner at the home of our dear friends in Paris… he took his shoes off under the table, and their dog, an adorable long-haired dachsund (spelling?) slowly chewed the ankle part, also so gently that my husband did not realize, thought the dog was just being friendly and kept petting him every once in a while….

      too funny!


  6. @everybody…. I will make sure to tell our boys that you all think they are adorable! However, Mr. Oscar has proved I am NOT intimidating enough, as he destroyed my pair of running tights. Which, by the way was the only one I had here. I am now running with yoga-type pants. Can you imagine? I know, I should apply for sainthood.

    he is very lucky to be so impossibly cute…. (sigh)


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