We are about to wrap up our 6th month in Los Angeles, and we absolutely love this place! Work is challenging and stimulating, we made great new friends, and got an unexpected bonus with our move: here we can run hills, something virtually impossible in Oklahoma (zero hills within 250 miles in any direction). The nano-house is located midway through a big canyon so we can run a steep 2 mile hill all the way up to Mulholland Drive (yeah, that one 😉 ).

Today we completed our 50th run up and down the hill, I wish I could say it was a great one, but unfortunately I felt short of breath and tired from the moment I stepped out of the house. Some days are like that, gotta take them as they come. But, even a lousy run is worth it when you reach the top and your reward is the day starting, beautiful and peaceful down below.

The second reward was waiting for us at home: a batch of “Supernatural Brownies,” a very tasty recipe from Nick Malgieri, re-printed in Saveur a few years ago. Stay tuned! 😉

ONE YEAR AGO: Whole Wheat Bread

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