Have you ever had to run from one side of the airport to another to catch a flight, and managed to enter the plane just before they shut the doors?    That’s how I’m feeling about this bread – the last one to complete the May series of Mellow Bakers!   With only one day to spare,  here I am, bringing you corn bread…

When thinking about corn bread my mind floats towards iron skillets and bacon.    However, Hamelman’s corn bread has nothing to do with that American classic. It is in fact a “regular”, yeast-leavened bread, with corn meal in the dough.   The dough is also leavened with a poolish, a mixture of flour, water, and yeast that pre-ferments for 12 hours.   In typical Hamelman’s fashion, the dough is mixed very briefly, then folded once before the final shaping.    The corn meal imparts a nice yellow tone to the dough, but also makes it feel a little rough.

This is a very nice bread, open crumb, delicate flavor… Two thumbs up!

If you want to see all other bakers’ take on Hamelman’s corn bread, click on this link

For those following the Mellow Bakers adventures,  the month of June brings Vermont Sourdough (my default bread),  pizza (I definitely look forward to comparing Hamelman’s dough with my favorite),  and a bread made with beer and roasted sprouted barley (no idea where I’m going to find that :-(). Stay tuned, or… join the fun and bake with us!


  1. Looks great, Sally. But this wasn’t very mellow, was it? ;o) Feeling like you had to run from one end of the airport to the other end to catch the plane and make it just in time….


  2. I want to make my own bread, too. I hope I will do the first one right after arrival to Krakow, my hometown, for the whole summer…The only problem is I would like to start my baking adventures from something quite easy….have a good day! This corn bread looks appealing.


  3. Thanks, everybody!

    @Magdalena, I will be (hopefully) blogging about a bread that is made in the food processor (heresy, I know… but it is excellent! 🙂

    I’ll drop you an email when I have the post up, ok?


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