With my heart beating fast in anticipation, I am thrilled to say:   forty-two breads down,  ONE to go!

This bread is definitely one of my favorites, for several reasons. First,  it uses a sourdough starter, which already makes me pretty excited about it.  Second, it contains potatoes, a great addition to this kind of bread,  as they give it moisture and a texture hard to reproduce in any other way.    Third, it takes cheese rolled in the middle of the loaf.  No need to explain the positive aspects of this.  Too obvious for words.   Did the recipe rise to my expectations?

Oh, YESSSS!  😉

This was not a difficult bread to make.  Because the dough takes a mixture of sourdough starter and commercial yeast, it rises quite fast: the whole process – from mixing the dough to baking – took just a little over 3 hours!   I used the full amount of potato water called for, hoping for a more open crumb.   Instead of kneading, I folded the dough twice, at 20 and 40 minutes, then allowed it to rise undisturbed for another hour.

Here are a couple of shots from the loaf right after shaping, and before going into the oven.

I am sure I’ll be making this bread again and again.  At first, my husband said he would prefer it without chives, but after a few bites,  he agreed that they add a special flavor, quite unique.  This is an impressive loaf, that would be perfect with an Italian-inspired meal.

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I am submitting this post to Susan’s Yeastspotting event, Special Holiday Edition.


  1. Oh Yees indeedy! What a gorgeous looking bread Sally! Eaten slightly warm maybe? And the colour of the crust in that picture…. I would send that one round the world, actually maybe I should pop over and have some right now…..


  2. Thanks, everyone!

    We enjoyed this bread for three days, amazing what a little potato does to preserve moisture.

    Zeb, definitely warming it up makes it absolutely perfect.

    I intend to play around with this recipe, maybe omitting commercial yeast, keeping just as a sourdough leaven bread, but extending fermentation to several hours.

    you know, just for fun… 🙂


  3. The “sliced 3” shot is out of this world gorgeous!! I want to jump right from #32 to #42 night now. I will definately follow your lead and add all the potato flour and stretch and fold instead of kneading. I can’t wait.


  4. Sally, grata pela visita, fico feliz que tenha se sentindo em casa no ora, pitangas!!! e eu fico mais feliz ainda em tê-la recebido e a partir de agora ter a chance de partilhar as delicias do seu blog. just loved it! bjs


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  7. My word! This one looks incredible. The crust color is amazing- of course I prefer darker breads- but wow! A great penultimate bread!


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