Have I made those?  No, I’ve never made sushi myself, and I doubt that I’ll ever attempt it. But, we love sushi, and it would  be crazy not to enjoy it here, in this Hawaiian paradise. Yes, we are in Hawaii,  the North Shore of Oahu… We love this place so much! With all due respect to Honolulu and Waikiki, nothing beats the aura of the North Shore. No shopping centers, no fancy restaurants, no  movie theaters, just the ocean, the white sandy beaches, the waves that can catch you by surprise and throw you around like a puppet… And the seafood, as fresh as you can dream it!

We had dinner at a small sushi place in  Hale’iwa, called Banzai Sushi Bar. Clockwise from top left you see a Bowl’s Roll (a California roll topped with shrimp and avocado), a Hawaiian roll (coconut shrimp in the center, macadamia nuts, mango and eel sauce on top), Bowls roll revisited, and the ahi tuna sashimi.

We are lucky enough to be very close to what we are told is “one of the best kept secrets in the North Shore”: a beach with no obvious entrance from the road. Apparently only folks living here know about it. From a bike path, you can see a small dirt path, that seems to lead nowhere…. But as you approach the end, big surprise…. a beach, almost deserted, particularly considering these pictures were taken on a Saturday morning!


I share with you a few photos, they can all be enlarged by clicking on them.

(clique e amplie!)

Look to your left….


Look to your right….


Look ahead into the ocean….



Some shots around a nice running route…






3 thoughts on “FROM SEA TO TABLE: SUSHI

  1. Thanks for the virtual visit! You must have had a wonderful time.
    You know, over here, I can’t go to a sushi restaurant and so as a sushi addict, there was only one solution… do it myself! Well, when you get the gear and figure out how to roll, it is really very easy. My kids love it so much (all Japanese food), I make it often to everyone’s delight. Friends ask to come when I’m doing “Japanese”. I even have to make my own potstickers, wrappers and all! You should try sometime.


  2. Hello, Jane!

    I should maybe try to do sushi myself sometime… I did make potstickers once (wrappers included), they turned out tasty but oh, so very ugly! 🙂

    I am too embarrassed to blog about them, that’s how ugly they turned.


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