BBA#13: Focaccia


Not quite sure how else to put it: I LOVE focaccia! In fact, it was one  of my very first posts in Bewitching Kitchen, a straightforward recipe we’ve enjoyed countless times. If you haven’t seen it, click here for a flash back.

In the Bread Baker’s Challenge, it was time for Peter Reinhart’s recipe, which is a lot more involved. Whereas my usual method takes you from flour to baked focaccia in a little over an  hour, Reinhart’s calls for  almost 3 hours of preparation, followed by an overnight sleep in the refrigerator.  The next day it involves 3 more hours until baking;   I was understandably  anxious to see the results.

But first, the process…

As the ingredients mix it won’t look very promising…

But don’t worry about it, just get the dough hook going…. and going… and going… it might take 10 minutes to get it smooth


This is exactly how it’s supposed to be: almost clearing the sides of the bowl, but still sticky at the bottom

Now, be brave and with wet hands, remove the dough to a heavily floured surface…


and proceed to make three folds, 30 minutes apart.  Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing changes in texture, as the dough gains strength and shape with minimal effort…


I confess to having a bit of trouble with the next step.  It was tricky to move the dough to the sheet pan. If you have helpers around, line them up, and flour their hands… heavily. In fact, it might be even better to follow Paul’s suggestion (a fellow baker who recently posted about it here ), and transfer the dough to the sheet pan right after the last fold. It will make your life easier. 😉


Reinhart’s herb oil is a must, I will definitely incorporate it in my focaccia from now on, no matter the recipe.


The next morning, after 3 hours of final rise at room temperature, the focaccia goes into the oven!


a few final comments after the jump….

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