This post is a courtesy of my husband…

I think you will all agree that he is a natural-blogger! 😉

We have little time to cook, but we’re always seeking something wonderful. Avocados meet us in the middle. Especially the rich, creamy Hass and Calavo avocados, from California and Mexico. Here are three quick and easy ways to enjoy them!


1.  Avocado Appetizer. Hungry for something delicious and healthy? My aunt Millie showed me this one.  If the avocado’s just right, then it’s hard to top.


Acquire a perfectly ripe avocado.  How can you tell?  Squeeze the avocado…it should be very firm but not hard, soft enough so that it yields to moderate pressure. Knock out the stem-plug and look for a green (not brown!) core.

Slice the avocado in half,
douse it with lemon juice,
sprinkle it with salt and pepper,
enjoy the solar energy!

2. Green Caprese Salad.

This is my Americanized  rip-off of the continental classic.

Assemble the following (fresh) ingredients:
1/4 cup olive oil


Cut the the tomatoes, cheese and avocados into slices or chunks; shred or chiffonade the basil and let it sit in the oil for 5 or 10 minutes.


Assemble the components on a salad plate and drizzle-spread the basil-oil mixture over them, using a fork to help distribute the basil.  Season with salt and pepper, VOILA!


3.  Gabriel’s Guacamole. Once while returning, exhausted, from a day of skiing at Los Alamos, we stumbled into Gabriel’s restaurant north of Santa Fe, and encountered the best guacamole we’ve ever tasted.  And the beautiful thing was that our waiter prepared it right in front of us, at our table.  I couldn’t help but remember the EIGHT components, that he added according to our specifications:

Guacamole2_optgreen onions
lemon juice
serrano peppers


It’s a little time consuming to prepare all the ingredients, but worth the effort.  Note that I’ve pressed a garlic clove into a couple of tablespoons of  olive oil: use just the oil for a milder garlic flavor, or throw it all in for garlic lovers.  We also discovered, on a day when the avocados ran short, that the other components together make an outstanding fresh salsa!

now for the fun part….

Besides gorging on chips, guacamole and salsa, you can concoct a variety of wonderful dishes and variations on classics  with your creations.

Quesadillas. Heat some corn oil in a skillet and start frying a corn tortilla.  Add 2 T of the fresh salsa, and a few slices of jack cheese on one half of the tortilla and fold it in half.  Fry on both sides until the outside is golden and the inside is melted.  Top with guacamole and a few dollops of sour cream.  Done!


Mexican Steak or Salmon.


guacamole salmon_opt

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10 thoughts on “AVOCADO THREE WAYS

  1. Oh, nothing better than an avocado. If you ever get back to Tucson, there is a restaurant here that also makes salsa and guacamole right at your table.

    Great pictures, thanks.


  2. Great job!! Good ingredients on the guac, too. I add a little shallot, but it’s definitely not authentic. The one you posted is perfect.


  3. Husband says thank you for the comments, he is of course feeling on top of the world. I told him to start a blog, but he says he’s got only enough gas for two posts per year. I guess it’s over for a while

    too bad, I certainly enjoyed his input!

    Carole, we’ll head in that direction probably in October…. will keep you posted….


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