cinnamon roll

Moving along in the book, time for some cinnamon rolls!

I confess to having a small mathematical problem while making these. I opted to halve the recipe, but contrary to what I keep telling our students in the lab “always write down your protocol”, I decided  to mentally make the adjustments while adding the ingredients to the bowl. Everything went quite well, until the final, most important addition: water.

I got distracted by the need to warm the filtered water in the microwave, and  completely forgot to cut the amount in half. As the dough turned into pancake batter in front of my very eyes, I felt the all too familiar shiver up my spine; familiar as in “I’ve done this before”. Unfortunately, it was not too long ago, but apparently I did not learn the lesson.

Such is life. I started all over, mumbling to myself  “these better be some outstanding rolls”

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