Welcome to my blog!

A few things led me to start “Bewitching Kitchen”. As is the case for many persons who love cooking, the number of cookbooks, magazines, and computer printouts accumulating everywhere in my house is out of control. I don’t expect to ever conceive a method to my madness, as new cookbooks keep finding their way to my shelves, magazines subscriptions keep getting renewed “just for one more year”, and food blogs keep enticing me to “save this recipe, just this one”.

By blogging I hope to keepĀ  a record of the recipes that I use, to describe how they worked for us, and to share them with friends and family.

The final push into the blogging world came from joining a group of bakers, who accepted a challenge launched by Nicole, host of one of my favorite websites, “Pinch My Salt”. We are making every bread from Peter Reinhart’s book “Bread Baker’s Apprentice”. The journey to finish the book should take about 43 weeks, keeping the pace of 1 bread per week.

You can read all about it here.

I invite you to follow my progress through this challenge, and also see what else is cooking in my bewitching kitchen….

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