We have great news! On May 20th, we brought home a little bundle of joy, an 8 weeks-old female Dalmatian called Star. Full name is Ziggy Star Barker, a play with David Bowie and Star Baker. She is feisty, sweet, and the boys accepted either very enthusiastically (Prince) or kind of reluctantly (you know who). We are thrilled to have her join our home!

Ziggy Star Barker, born March 25th, 2023 in Eldora, Iowa – Rosais Acres LLC Dalmatians and Quarter Horses

This is a little video of her meeting the boys…

The Kingdom of Tatarrax



Stay tuned for future adventures with our furry friends!

20 thoughts on “A STAR IS BORN!

  1. Ha! My dog’s name is Ziggy too. Also in honor of Ziggy Stardust. Fact, David Bowie died the day we bestowed that name on our pup.

    Your pup is adorable!!

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    • David Bowie has always been my favorite, I adored and still do – what a fantastic singer, composer, human being. So attractive, so incredibly unique…… Please give a cuddle to Ziggy for us!


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