1. I am so glad you reviewed Matt Adlard’s online baking classes. I had tried twice before to enroll after you mentioned him once before. There were some technical glitches perhaps on my end. Somehow I had an account but no paid subscription, I could have sworn I did have one but I signed up in the wee hours of the night months ago and then fell asleep so who knows? Let’s just blame it on Covid.

    To make a long story of my befuddlement shorter, let’s finish on a positive, shall we? I am THRILLED to be officially subscribed and can’t wait to begin working my way through these tempting assortment of classes.

    I always love reading each of your posts and have been introduced to wonderful recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, techniques, and now a virtual bakeland of wonder.

    Thanks for always making me feel happy to be in the kitchen❣️


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  2. Hey the price of the online baking class ain’t bad, actually! How often do you need special baking equipment and hard to find ingredients? I live in a tiny little town so have to Amazon anything and everything that is off the beaten path. LOL For instance, we have two grocery stores and Walmart. None of those three carry a spice called “Savory” that I needed for a recipe.

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    • usually he gives options if you don’t have the exact thing he uses – and ingredients are for the most part pretty basic. Although amazon tends to be my best friend…. and I usually use all excuses possible to browse through… 😉

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