I love baking, I love exercising, I love my work, but I also have a secret passion for all things language. It gave me a thrill to be invited by the superb linguist Dr. Denise Santos to contribute with a little article to her blog.  If you’d like to see it, jump here.


  1. Is that Denise from London? The article was cute. My biggest issue in London was not with the language but how to get the power and lights to come on in the hotel and how to use a blow-dryer without a plug in the bathroom.

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  2. Oh Sally – Denise’s post was an absolute and utter joy to read for me as an Estonian-Australian ! Hilarious – and SO true !! Somehow I have managed to stay and comment for almost a decade on lifestyle and food posts probably driving all and sundry crazy with my perception of the English language which does have quite some differences from that spoken in the States ! Yes, I barbecue outside and grill inside . . .I may have packets of dry biscuits in the pantry but scones can only be scones 🙂 ! Oh, and we buy our seedlings in punnets and those reading in the US wonder to this day what I am talking about . . . well, a friendly way to reach out, isn’t it . . . ?

    My differences often include pronunciation ! I mean we say ‘to-mah-to’ not ‘to-may-to’ and ask for a ‘vah-se’ and not a ‘v-ay-se’ ! It once tool me a trip by the housekeeper at the Beverly Wilshire to find that I had been gifted flowers which needed a home !!!

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    • Oh, don’t even get me started on pronunciation…. indeed, so much “subject” to cover, it was hard for me to decide what to focus on, then baking and cooking was the most natural venue. But yes, we all turn into kids when we learn a second or third language

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