Last night….


This morning….


The blog will go on with pre-scheduled posts, but I wanted to say hello.  My ability to reply to comments or visit other blogs will be limited until we fly back home next week.  We are here on scientific business, but I hope to be able to blog on a special meal we have planned this weekend.  Stay tuned, mes amis!

25 thoughts on “NIGHT AND DAY

  1. Scientific business huh? I bet … heeheeh, enjoy *every* moment — so jealous!! Please have an extra cappuccino for moi ma chère (hey, only a smidge more expensive than Starbucks — I’ll take the Parisian bistrot any day of the week! 😉 )


    • “Evidement”, tu connais pas mon mari… 🙂 Phil managed to schedule our first meeting for NOON on the day we landed here, which happened at 5:30am. Can you imagine trying to be functional under those conditions? (I don’t sleep in a plane unless I take a sleeping pill. so I was still a bit in a daze). Oh, well… there are much worse ordeals to go through and Paris is a great place to fight jet lag.


      • Yeah, not fun. I think of my husband who often flies to Asia (just slightly off our time zone 😉 ) and has to hit the ground running. I have the opposite issue on planes. I cannot stay awake to save my life. No matter what the time of day, how engaging the conversation or how interesting the book, I cannot keep my eyeballs open… it is so compelling, that I looked it up at one point out of concern (my husband says I’m lucky 🙂 I’m just thankful I don’t feel that way driving a car – yikes!


  2. Have a wonderful time naturally but do not forget the promise to us about that special meal . . . even if we have to share it second hand 🙂 !


  3. If you are skipping Akrame, then maybe wander down the rue to any of Christian Constant’s places. I thought Cafe Constant was pretty good.


    • we are staying literally next door to the Cafe Constant, and plan to pick one of his spots for a meal, maybe today, since it is Sunday and we will be on our own. On other days we have to go along with our hosts’ plans. No big deal, just a tad more restrictive.


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