About a year ago, when we had no idea of the major life changes 2012 would bring, we planned a family vacation in one of our favorite spots in the planet: the north shore of Oahu.  The trip comes at a tricky time, smacked in the middle of a home and a lab move.  In fact, the lab move will happen 18 hours after our returning flight lands in Oklahoma. Crazy, I know… The plan is to charge our batteries during this coming week to be ready for what comes next.

We hope to revisit some of our great times in the past…

Enjoy time with the “kids”,  as we did in our trip back in 2007. Unfortunately Alex won’t join us, but it’s for a good reason: he is starting medical school!  Good luck, Alex, we’ll be thinking of you while sunbathing at Waiamea Beach…  😉

Go jogging in our favorite route by Sunset Beach…

Some will play golf…

Others will try hard to…  😉

Marvel at the sunset…

But mainly, just relax and enjoy some much needed time off

I’ve got some posts scheduled for publication while we are gone and during the  lab move (oh, my.. not looking forward to that one!),  but my ability to reply to comments or visit other blogs will be limited for a while… So, for now…


12 thoughts on “HEADED TO HAWAII

  1. Ah, Sally, this is what a call an inspiring post… I feel like I’m with you jogging along the quiet beach path fragrant with sea salt. Delicious days. It comes at a hectic time indeed but you know, I don’t think I’d ever say no to Hawaii. Have never been but would love to… Love all your pics. Enjoy every moment of rejuvenation. Smooch!


  2. Thanks,everybody

    this will have to be a group reply, but wanted to pop in and say hello.

    Nothing beats sleeping in a room with the windows opening and the sun of waves just outside. Heaven. We’re in heaven! 😉


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