I am so excited this Sunday morning!  Jenni, from “The Gingered Whisk” had me over at her great virtual spot as a guest blogger!

And, believe it or not, I decided to bake a cake for the special occasion… and you’ll also find a little extra to go with it.  Please jump there to see the post, and browse through her  blog, she loves to bake bread, particularly sourdough, so you see we are pretty much virtual sisters!

8 thoughts on “A GUEST POST!

  1. Just checked it out and left a comment…your cake looks wonderful Sally! And you said you struggle baking cakes? You would certainly not be able to tell from the result of this effort. It’s fantastic!!!!


  2. Sally, you called it Olive Oil cake but there’s none listed in the recipe. I’d love to try this cake, have to in fact, anything with cardamom is a sure hit with me. I had to grind some at work this weekend but for some reason I thought it should be toasted first. I liked the toasted ones but most everybody else preferred the not toasted ones. Great spice!


  3. Sorry about the olive oil, indeed it is 1/2 cup

    I will see if Jenni can edit the post – I know she’s terribly busy, and I’ve been swamped myself too, barely keeping up with the blog this week.

    thanks for all your comments, and for visiting The Gingered Whisk!


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