13 thoughts on “ENTROPY IN ACTION

  1. Oh, Sally! This has actually happened with Duke about 3 times now.
    One time, we got him a dog bed from Petsmart, and he tore it up and dragged it all around the yard… it was destroyed by the end of the day.
    We finally just bought a bed from Orvis (one of their “chew-proof” ones), and he somehow managed to chew a hole through that one, too…. Orvis sent us a new cover, no questions asked, and now… we just let him and our new dog Gracie lay on it inside, under supervision.


    • I snapped a photo right afterward, and in that one he looked straight at the camera, with THE most innocent look in his face, as if saying “not sure what happened here….”

      unfortunately, the photo is slightly out of focus…


  2. Who knows what goes through their strange minds is it….

    ‘It’s mine, all mine and I will destroy it, and then I won’t have a bed and I will sleep in their bed’


    ‘This is plain irresistible and I am a dog and I live in the moment, and it is my bed and not their sofa and oh well, maybe just one more corner, and ah…hh… there’s the SPONGEY bit… oh yes, oh yes! ‘

    I am sorry. Do you want alternative suggestions for beds. We’ve been through a fair few? There are ones designed to be less attractive to chew around on the market x Jo


  3. OMG! That is exactly what our 2 Black Labs did over the weekend. Thand goodness they were only $65 each from Walmart but STILL. We only bought them 3 weeks ago. They are sleeping on beachtowels for the time being, LOL!


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