15 thoughts on “PARTNERS IN CRIME

  1. Perfectly timed, this post is.

    My three lovely, charming but rambunctious and slightly willful and naughty cats have heard this same rule from me and the hubby, but they just open their eyes for a second, give me a half-attentive look that says, ‘Yeah, right. Whatever.’ and then return to doing what they were doing before I interrupted them – draped and spread out all over the bed and/or sofa, or, much worse, using it as a scratch post.

    We just had a new couch delivered yesterday afternoon, this one with more wood arm rests and side panels instead of more fabric. Will it deter them from destroying it after a couple of years? Probably not.


  2. We have to snake into our bed at night so that we don’t disturb the cats.
    Oftentimes, there is “limited” seating in our living room- all the comfy seats are taken by the furry ones.


  3. Thanks, everybody… it feels better knowing that we are not the only ones with “pet-related disciplinary issues”

    Of course, the situation depicted on the photo is an abnormality, that shall not be repeated in the future!

    (June, sorry but I don’t have much hope for your new sofa! 😉

    by the way, allow me to share with you all a link that I visit often, The Life of Jalo. It shows a daily picture of Jalo and his buddies, taken from the moment he was brought to a gorgeous home in Finland. Very cool idea, and the photography is wonderful!



  4. You’re probably right, Sally. We had our beautiful but now very old sofa (all fabric) for many years, but between it becoming naturally thread-bare from old age and usage, combined with all our cats over the years shredding it little by little, we finally caved in and looked for a sofa that had the most wood/least fabric but would still fall in the category of comfortable and couch-like. I give this couch two years, if we’re very lucky.

    The old couch has been relegated to the ‘den/hobby room/computer room’ (as thread-bare as it is, it’s still so comfy and so beautiful a fabric pattern, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw it out) and is now, officially, the cats’ couch. But do they use it to sleep on and scratch to bits, now that they’ve inherited it? Of course not!…big sigh of resignation…similar to Simon, the owner of ‘Simon’s cat’ (has anyone else seen those animated vids and laughed their heads off as well as nodded in recognition and acknowledgment? – if not, treat yourself by doing a search on YouTube for these videos – they are priceless, hilarious, and so spot on when it comes to feline behaviour).

    Sorry…I know your post is about your beautiful dogs (I love dogs, too), but seeing your lads on the couch like that was all too familiar a scene in this house. But what can you do? We love ’em so much…and they know it full well, and take full advantage of this fact!



    I never bother with that rule – I know it’s totally absurd – I just buy less expensive couches!

    Then I don’t mind so much when I have to replace them . . .


  6. Thanks….

    They are getting along well, with a few heated exchanges every now and then, as would be expected. Chief seems to be losing a little weight, which is a good thing, having the puppy around makes him a lot more active….


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