I’ve been getting emails asking for photos of our new kitchen, and the challenges it presents. It took me a while but now I can finally introduce you to the nano-kitchen.

This is the entrance…

The microwave was already in the house, and living next to it now is our Breville espresso machine – we could not leave it behind, for obvious reasons. Nothing beats a nice capuccino to start the day.  And no one makes a  better one than my beloved private barista.

We have a great countertop area to work now, thanks to my stepson and his girlfriend, who just moved to a smaller apartment in LA, and had to get rid of their kitchen island – it has storage space underneath and a cool side storage for knives. Without it, we would be in real bad shape. Are we lucky, or what?  Big thank you to C & C, the coolest couple in Los Angeles!

The trickiest part: doing the dishes in the nano-sink…

Another item we could not leave without: the Penguin carbonator! We go through at least two bottles of carbonated water each day, so we’ve been making our own for the past 2 years. No more wasting glass or plastic bottles of Perrier or club soda. Our Penguin goes wherever we go.   We are forever in debt with our dear friend Marie-Louise, who insisted we should get one.

Some details to make the kitchen a bit more functional…

The dining table right next to the kitchen area… we turned the table sideways to gain space in the room, as it’s just the two of us here.

We love our window, and the sunlight that peeks through the living room, or should I say the “one and only room?”  😉

We’ve been here for 9 days only.    I sometimes open the cabinets searching for my own china, my plastic containers to put leftovers in the freezer, or my lemon juicer (that I cannot believe I left behind). But little by little, the house on the hill starts to feel like home. Home is indeed wherever I’m  with the one I love. And that’s the way I like my life to be.