As more and more fellow bakers finished the BBA Challenge, a net-gossip started: what should we do next?   It was so much fun to bake together, cheering each others’ successes and commiserating over the failures, that we all felt a void when the party was over.

The idea of baking another complete bread book, from beginning to end, didn’t appeal to me because of the tight scheduling required.    So when Paul proposed “Mellow Bakers,” it was just what I was looking for:  we’ll bake Hamelman’s “BREAD”  at a leisurely pace, and I’ll even emphasize the “mellowness,”  by skipping some of  breads.   In fact, they already made hot cross buns while I only watched from a safe distance… 😉

So here is an invitation for you:   for a nice bread project  that will expose you to delicious recipes by a great author,  Jeffrey Hamelman,  first jump to Paul’s site to read all about it, and then to the Mellow Bakers forum to introduce yourself and join the party!

I’ll see you in the forum!