The BBA Challenge has had its ups and downs.  Unfortunately with this bread I hit the lowest point in the whole challenge.  I had problems from the very beginning, my dough refused to get smooth, it felt like a mixture of sand and water, “breaking” as I tried to knead it.     I moved on, shaped the bread, allowed it to rise – which, it did not, I barely detect any changes – and baked it.

It was dense, and too chewy for my taste.   I definitely need more practice with this kind of a dough.  Rye won big time,  I got a lesson in humility….

Next day I cut the bread into thin slices and turned them into rye crisps, which were ok, but not great.

I look forward to the reports of my fellow bakers following the BBA Challenge, maybe they can give me some tips to deal with such a tricky dough.

16 thoughts on “BBA#32: 100% SOURDOUGH RYE

  1. Oh Sally, sorry you had to suffer your way through this one. Now you’ve got me scared of tackling sourdough rye! Do you think the problem stemmed from too much mixing?

    I must admit your post had me chuckling , especially the line about the lesson in humility.

    Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.


    • Happy new Year for you too!

      I honestly have no idea what happened – I don’t think I overkneaded, because I was quite attentive not to do so. The dough was acting up from the very beginning…. Alignment of the Moon with Saturn, maybe? A supernova explosion?

      who knows!


  2. Thanks for going first! I’m so glad I’m so far behind all of you and can learn from you! =) Also makes me a little nervous about rye as I’m just about to tackle the marble rye this weekend….


  3. Abby, good luck with your marble rye, mine was ok, but I had some issues with the marbling… 🙂

    AnneMarie – I just checked your blog, you posted about the previous bread, but I did not see your 100% rye, I’ll look forward to it.
    Yes, I used clear rye flour, at least I think that’s what it was – the other kind is labeled “dark”, right?


  4. Sally, it is not there because I haven’t made it yet!!! I got myself all confused and was talking about the deli rye. Sorry. That might explain why mine was such a different color! I am doing some Christmas baking, don’t know when I’ll make this one.


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  6. Too bad you didn’t like the bread. When I was working with the dough I also thought this would be the worst bread in the challenge – the dough was weird, there was no rise etc., but the baked bread was wonderful: smell- and flavor-wise. I did omit the caraway, though, because I don’t like caraway.


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  9. Oh, man, I really feel for you. I put almost no effort into my rye bread and it was dense and delicious, though it looked bad.


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