A Kaiser roll….

is the beginning of a great sandwich!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… Back to this tasty bread…

Once more I switched from kneading the dough to folding it, and the results couldn’t have been better. For those following along the “challenge”, here’s a heads up: the recipe uses only half the amount of the pate fermentee shown on page 105. If you make the full amount, remember to only use half of it. 😉

After incorporating the pate fermentee into the flour, egg, oil, malt, and yeast, I folded the dough at 30, 60, and 90 minutes. At the 2 hour mark the dough was bubbly and airy as expected, so I cut it into 6 pieces and formed the rolls using the knot method. They rose for almost 1.5 hours (see the before and after pictures, the two photos at the bottom of this gallery).


A little egg wash helped to glue the black sesame seeds on top…


Right out of the oven, a light roll, with a nice crumb structure…


And, before I forget… that sandwich was made with ham, cheese, yellow tomatoes, and a fried egg. Absolutely delicious!

For more Kaiser Roll adventures, here are links to blogs by fellow bakers who made the rolls ahead of me, check them out!

Carolyn, from Two Skinny Jenkins
Deborah, from Italian Food Forever
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14 thoughts on “BBA#16: KAISER ROLLS

  1. Your rolls are beautiful! I just got a kaiser roll stamp, but seeing your rolls makes me think I should knot them instead. Maybe I’ll do half of each.

    Thanks for a great post.


    • Hello, Mary!

      Welcome to my blog! I could not post the full recipe because all the people involved in this challenge (of baking all recipes from Bread Baker’s Apprentice book), agreed not to post them, otherwise Peter Reinhart (the book author) would have his full book available to anyone once the challenge is completed. Page 105 referred to the recipe for pate fermentee.

      However, I found a link with the exact recipe, and you can find it here:

      hope this helps!


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  3. These are beautiful! I was late to the Challenge and am about to start the Kaiser rolls. I’m intrigued about the folding technique…I remember reading something about it as an alternative to kneading on the Fresh Loaf at some point…Can you tell me more about what you did?


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